Versa® Components

Mills Versa and Versa-Light Standards

Mills modular Versa stair system uses six standards for the core and three for each of two ends for landings. Aluminum stringers at 2.5 lb. per ft. each have attachment options either by hooks seating on the transom or by a mouthpiece connector attaching to the rosette of the standard. Aluminum treads are 7″ ventilated at 1.5 lb. per ft. or T-slot plank 9.5″ wide and 2.8 lb. per ft. with non-slip safety grip tape.

Mills Versa and Versa-Light Transoms and Ledgers


Versa-Light Bay Brace

Two typical face bracing patterns used for systems scaffolding are illustrated below. The functioning of the braces is to prevent column buckling and scaffold structure sway, provide resistance to wind and retention mechanisms through tie backs and/or brace stiffening. End bracing is desirable for all systems scaffold structures.


Versa-Light Truss Ledger


Versa-Light Double Truss Ledger

Available in aluminum and steel.