About Us

Company History

Mills Construction Products Inc. is a Canadian owned company based in the province of Ontario and operating out of Caledon, located just north-west of Toronto. Mills is recognized as being an innovative industry leader for over 40 years.

Our Mission

Mills is dedicated to consistently providing technologically advanced scaffold, form work and shoring systems of aluminum and steel, all of which are user-friendly, safe, rugged, most efficient and of the highest quality.

Mills provides support products such as leading edge computer software interfaced between 3-D animation and design engineering. Mills endeavours to understand the clients business and assist the client to realize their potential.

Strategic Objectives

Mills main objective is to achieve a sustained sales growth under targeted margins through the marketing of proprietary and patented products identifying with markets striving for labour economies and safety. To maximize profitability and ensure price leadership, Mills employs logistic controls such as “Just in Time” manufacturing processes including “Automation” and “Flexible Tooling” and “Quality Assurance Programs”.

Mills prides itself in forming alliances with its Distributors who are desirous of Mills proprietary products and recognize product differentiation. Such alliances and/or agreements between its distributors and/or licensed value added manufacturer/distributors provide Mills with superior economies of sales in satisfying distinctive regional market demands around the world.


Construction in Focus August 2021 (PDF)