Mills DeckMills platform comes with 5/8" plywood, pregalv steel or all aluminum decking and is also available in knockdown form.

19" x 5'-0
19" x 7'-0
19" x 10'-0"
19" x 14'-0

Custom sizes are available.

Perforated Aluminum
Tread 001

Aluminum Tread 001

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Expanded Aluminum
Tread 003

Expanded Aluminum Tread 001

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Perforated Star Pattern Aluminum Decking Tread 004
Perforated Star Pattern Aluminum Decking

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  Perforated Smooth Top
Aluminum Tread 002

Aluminum Tread 002

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Steel Pregalvanized Dimpled
Tread 005

Steel Pregalvanized Dimpled Tread 001

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  T-Slot Plank

Mills Versa Light T-Slot Aluminum PlankMills Versa Light T-Slot Aluminum Plank
(comes with safety grit adhesive) 9½" x 1½" and 6" x 1½"
Filler Plank (comes with safety grit adhesive) 9½" x 1½"
Toeboard 5" x 1" all are available in various lengths

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  Safety Gate

Sureclose Safety Gate
  • All materials galvanized
  • Two internal Spring Mechanisms all Stainless Steel to ensure long life
  • Left Hand & Right Hand Spring configuration allows for consistent swing operation and return to origin
  • 1.9" DIA Vertical attachment tube can be used in conjunction with tube & clamp or have Versa Systems mouth pieces for easy attachment to Versa Systems Scaffold Rosette
  • Gate length standard 31" custom sizes available
  • Fully adjustable swing 4 point screw mechanism for precise adjustment top and bottom
    All swing mechanism parts fully replaceable

    Please click on the following link with the detailed PDF file
    of the sales sheet:
    PDF - Mills Chain Gate
    PDF - Mills Sureclose Safety Gate

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  Bolt and Wedge Clamps

Mills Bolt Clamps
Drop Forged Clamps with Bolts Fitting to 1.69" OD, 1.9" OD Tube
Other clamps styles are available upon request.

90º Rigid Clamp
3.5 lbs

360º Swivel Clamp
3.82 lbs
Bolt Clamps

Thiel Wedge Clamps

Right Angle Clamp   3.3 lbs

Wedge Clamps     Wedge Clamps

Swivel Clamp   3.7 lbs

Wedge Clamps     Wedge Clamps

Sleeve Clamp (joiner)   2.5 lbs

Wedge Clamps     Wedge Clamps

Girder Clamp 4.0 lbs

Girder Clamp

Girder Clamp

Forged Girder Beam Clamp

Girder Clamp

Girder Clamp

Forged Eye Bolt Clamps

Girder Clamp

Girder Clamp

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  VERSA-LIGHT Aluminum Clamp

VERSA-LIGHT Alluminum Clamp A revolutionary, patented, design, manu-factured from high strength, heat treated aluminum extrusion. Having only one third the weight of steel, these couplers have the same strength and holding capacity of steel.

Available in all sizes and combinations.

A horizontal cradle was developed to enable one man assembly.

The VERSA couplers, when assembled at right angles to each other, are so perfectly fitted the tubes appear to rest against each other.

The bolt is equipped with speed thread for quick erection, and minimal maintenance.

All rivets and bolts have a 500 hr. salt spray test plating, compared to 75 hr. on competitive parts now available.

The 2 inch coupler was designed to hold an insert that will reduce it to 1 5/8 inch, thus eliminating expensive inventory.

Test result may be obtained from your distributor.

For more information about Versa-Light Clamps please click on the following link with the detailed PDF file of the sales sheet: Versa-Light Clamps

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  Adjustable Base

Adjustable Base Plate and with Sleeve
Starting Brackets Ladder back to top
  Versa-Light Access Ladders

Versa Light Access Ladder

All aluminum Access Ladder
c/w serrated grip on rungs
various sizes available:
2', 3', 4' and 5'

For more information about Versa-Light Ladder please click on the following link with the detailed PDF file of the sales sheet: Versa-Light Ladder

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  Light Duty Scaffold / Mobile Scaffold & Mobile Wagons

The ALSAFE foldable scaffold is your ideal partner when working at medium-high levels.

LIGHT DUTY SCAFFOLDS___________________________________________________

ALSAFE foldable scaffold An efficient lightweight champion

Unfold the ALSAFE compact mobile scaffold, secure the hinge by pin, insert the platform and you are all set.

Frames are all made of light weight aluminum and the 23.3 " (60 cm) wide platform has a non-slip weather resistant deck. The complete unit weighs only 77lbs (35 kg). Measurements extended: 78.7" x 28 x 75" (200 x 71 x 190 cm).
All four large size 5.5" (14 cm) swivel wheels with rubber tires have locks for safety and stability.

The compact size of the mobile scaffold enables you to move it from room to room through any doorway, while tools remain undisturbed on the platform.

When the job is finished, remove the platform and the scaffold is folded up into a manageable package on wheels. The two parts, base and platform, can then easily be transported in your service vehicle, pickup, station wagon or hatchback. In the shop they take up only little space.

A contractor's versatile mate

The ALSAFE compact mobile scaffold has 6 rungs allowing 6 different work heights. The max. standard platform height is 71" (180 cm). Additional folding frames with 3, or even 6 rungs are available as an option, increasing the platform height to 104" (268 cm) or even 170" (432 cm). Outriggers are available for added safety at this work height, as well as platform with hatch enabling easy and safe climbing on the inside of the scaffold.

All these features make the ALSAFE compact mobile scaffold a most versatile mate for the contractor when it comes to getting jobs done in the interior or on the exterior of homes, schools, hospitals and industrial buildings.

MOBILE SCAFFOLDS______________________________________________________

Model No. B100T
Height: 6'-0"
Width: 29" Length: 6'-0"
Heavy duty spring activated locking system.
Tube construction, light in weight.
Can be stacked three units high.
Powder coat Yellow frame.

Model No. B100AL
The same design as B100T (made of aluminum).

Model No. B100
Height: 6'-6"
Width: 30"
Length: 6'-0"
Adjustable height for the platform
Angle steel construction
Capacity: 700 lb
Powder coat navy blue frame

MOBILE WAGONS_________________________________________________________

Mobile Wagon

Model No. MW100
Available in 7' and 10' Brace.


Model No. MB100
Height: 4'-3"
Width: 1'-10"
Length: 3'-9"
Powder coat yellow frame.

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Pulley Hoist

Gin Wheel Pulley MHP

Item No.

Description Weight
MHP Gin Wheel Pulley 10.0 lbs

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Spanish Catalogue

Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 1
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 2
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 3
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 4
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 5
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 6
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 7
Mills Spanish Catalogue Page 8

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Fiberglass Scaffolds

Mills Fiberglass Scaffold 2FT wide LayOut
Mills Fiberglass Scaffold 4FT wide LayOut
SPEEDY Sell Sheet

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Non-Conductive Composite Scaffold

Scaffold Tube Properties
Pultruded GRP Scaffold Tube Specification

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